Women & Girls

All of our Bindu coins and charms* are produced in nickel with an antique finish. They are die-struck from engraved steel dies and not cast from molds. The designs were meticulously engraved onto a set of steel dies and then placed in a coin press, which uses about 1,000 tons of pressure to "stamp" the design on the raw metal coin or charm surface. The coin or charms are then individually hand-painted by an expert enameler to create an exceptional work of art. Bindu coins and charms are made in the United States by one of the largest private mints, and a company that has been creating custom designs for organizations around the world, including all branches of America's armed forces, for over 25 years. These limited-edition coins and charms make wonderful gifts or personal keepsakes AND support charitable start-ups that are doing amazing work to improve lives, communities and the world. Help drive social innovation with a Bindu coin or charm, the new global currency for a better world.

* Bindu coins are about the size of an American Silver Eagle $1 coin, and the charms are about the size of an American dime.